Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hunky Dory at 65/Diversions...Reading and Crosswords

First in a series
all about me at 65

Crossword Puzzles
Armchair Travel

This would be a dream spot to read. I love anything tropical and these things evoke that feeling...leafy wallpaper, rattan furniture, sunshine.

And when I read I like a dictionary close by. Art, another love.

Art book
Bird book

Shelves loaded with cool things.

Horse sculpture made by my son.

My husband's high school senior photo.

Photo of my son, stepdaughter, and husband.

A paint palette my Mom had made since my son is an artist.

Crossword puzzle and COFFEE, though I like mine with milk in it.

Cushy pillows on the floor.

Gotta have these.

And I strive to be nice just like the pillow says.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Little Menagerie

Days are busy when you have a little menagerie. Not only do you have the indoor crew, but others are waiting at the door.

New ones in baskets.

Medium ones on a leash.

Getting into things.

They do have intelligent creatures...very well read.

Better have some resource material.

Look who's outside!

No room inside, but there is food for them on the porch.

The idea for this came from my son, Will. We were starting to collect lots of little animals and they were just too cute not to use in a scene. Will gave me the Playmobil mother bunny and the basket the rat is in for my birthday....that made the scene imperative. Also, it is he that put the bunny by the front door...also the Playmobil unicorn.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Long time no blog! or...Surfing Christmas

Since we went on a vacation for Christmas we did not decorate the house. So, I had to make a Christmasy scene to make up for it.

Merry Christmas!

And here is the surfer's living room, an homage to the past, nature,
wood, and surfing...all decked out for Christmas

There are gifts for friends.

Always a good host, surfer boy has treats for
his guests to enjoy while watching his brand new retro TV.

Looks like a retro show, too.

These old things take a little tweeking.

His girlfriend shows the guests his surfboard.

His surfing trophy takes center stage.

He was featured in a magazine as well.

His love of nature, wood, and the Beatles are in evidence as well.

Books and treasures.

His favorite surfing poster.

More stuff.

The coolest telephone ever.

And, he's reading about Frank Zappa...he's his own guy.

My nephew Nicholas gave me the TV for Christmas and it and our trip to Key West inspired this scene. Thanks Nicholas.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Little Inter-Species Camping

Our friend the squirrel has driven through some rough
country to find the perfect camping spot.

He and his friend set up camp.
If only he could get rid of the stupid chin strap!

Sweet little sleeping bag. Looks like Carl has to sleep on the ground.

Carl takes a load off while waiting for dinner to cook.

Gotta watch out for nature.

And what happens when you forget to
put away the food when you're done? Visitors!

Lit by the last rays of the sun and the dying campfire,
the friends lie down for a good night's rest.

My son and I went to Target to check out MiWorld toys. I was ready to buy several but found I was not that excited by the ones they had there. However, they had Li'l Woodzeez by Battat. They are sets with woodland creatures much like Calico Critters. We liked the little squirrel and the camping set. It was the start of this scene. The set is comprised of the items pictured below.